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Mission Fit Meals, Your #1 Meal Prep service located in Orange Park, Florida. Have you ever had the desire to live a healthier lifestyle? We are on a mission to provide you with a healthy, portion controlled meal with the proper MACROS (healthy carbs, fats and proteins) to ensure maximum performance.

Our prepared meals are perfectly portioned made with fresh ingredients and a combination of unique recipes.

We understand that busy schedules and day to day life can make it challenging to find the time to prepare healthy food everyday.

We are here to help you achieve a balanced lifestyle while helping you reach your health and personal fitness goals!


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Meal Prep Orange Park

Mission Fit Meals

Prepared Meals Orange Park

Portion controlled and MACRO balanced meals for fitness. Choose from weekly menus or customize your selection by choosing your favorite meals to suite your taste.

Each meal is vacuum sealed to retain freshness. No planning, prepping or cleanup required, simply heat and enjoy your homemade healthy meal.

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Some of Your Favorites

Orange Park Meal Prep Chicken Fajita Bowl
Meal Prep Orange Park Pulled Pork
Meal Prep Shredded Beef
Meal Prep Orange Park Chicken Kabobs
Meal Prep BBQ Chicken Burger
Meal Prep Rotisserie Turkey Breast
Orange Park Meal Prep Turkey Taco Bowl

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How it Works


Calculate MACROS

First, you need to know how many calories, carbs, fats and proteins you should have each day.


Pick Your Meals

Pick your meals from our weekly rotating menu of delicious, nutrient-dense Mission Fit Meals.

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Meal Preperation

Once you have ordered your meals, they are cooked to perfection and vacuum sealed for delivery

How It Works

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Pick Up Enjoy

Pick up your meals from chosen location.  Then all you do is heat and enjoy. Simple and delicious.

How It Works


Mission Fit Meals are portion Controlled Macronutrient Balanced for fitness.

Macronutrients are the compounds that make up foods and what make up all those calories we take in on a daily basis. If you are getting the proper amounts of healthy macronutrients then your body will also be getting all the micronutrients it needs! Macronutrients are carbs, protein and fat! Our bodies need them all and a lot of them.

It’s how the body functions naturally!



Carbs provide us with energy as well as fiber which improves heart and digestive health.



Fats help to maintain healthy tissues and cells. They also help proper nerve and brain function and increase the absorption of fat-soluble vitamins.

MACROS Protein


Proteins are the building blocks for strong muscles and tissues which also helps make hormones and enzymes.

Understanding the Basics

What are macronutrients and why do they matter?

Our Menus

Here at Mission Fit Meals, we’re always cooking up something new. Our chef Kristi works hard to create mouth-watering dishes that satisfy every taste while providing the correct balance of nutrients. The menu may change from time to time as we add, replace or change meals. We have divided the menu into four selections to help you with your meal planning and selection.

Mission Fit Meals, Prepared Meals Orange Park

Many of our meals are Gluten Free.

Gluten Free


If you need any help selecting meals, Pickup locations, or other questions Please Contact Us!

Questions about Macronutrients, Search the U.S. Department of Agriculture Food Data Center for more information. Food Data Central is an integrated data system that provides expanded nutrient profile data and links to related agricultural and experimental research.

There are also tons of information on food from My Fitness Pal.