Friendsgiving Card


Friendsgiving Card

Give a Friend the Gift of Health for FREE

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Send a FREE Meal to a Friend

Give the Gift of Health

Send a Gift Card to a Friend or Family Member to introduce them to Mission Fit Meals and the benefits of healthy eating. The Friendsgiving Card could be the perfect gift for someone that needs just a little help with eating healthy.

  • Weight Loss
  • Fitness
  • Busy Schedule
  • Not able to Shop and Prep
  • Elderly, Sick, or Disabled
  • There are many reasons to give the gift of healthy eating.

If you wish to present the Mission Fit Gift Card personally or include in a personalized card just send it to yourself, print it, and Gift it. . . Our gift cards never expire and are in compliance with Florida Law. If you have any questions regarding the Mission Fit Holiday Gift Card Please Contact Us!